A Day of Sport Shooting

A Photo Essay about shooting sporting clays


Shooting Sporting clays is more than just yelling “pull” and taking a few shots. 10 different stations and fifty opportunities to hit clay pigeons coming from a variety of directions.

Richland County Game Fish & Game club holds sporting clay shoots in the spring and fall: open to the public.

With over 400 acres, the Club is a great place for a hunt, day of fishing, or just a walk in the woods.

3 rounds, 2 shots each. The first round has a pigeon from the left and then right. The second round is in reverse and the third round is both at the same time.

The electric, automatic thrower makes throwing the clays easier…if only this made them easier to hit.

While we keep score, the real competition is with your self…and with the others. Trash talk mixed with encouragement is a regular part of the day.

At 14, my nephew outshot most of us with his new personal best score. Now, if we can translate this to the real hunt…he’ll be quite the hunter.