What to Wear?

One of the most common questions photographers are asked is “What should I wear?” This, of course, can change depending on the goal of the photo shoot. A creative, fantasy shoot is much different than a professional headshot. Since fashion, fantasy, and other creative shoots often have a lot of production decisions regarding hair, makeup, and clothing, we should discuss what to wear on more formal shoots.

1. Be comfortable. Your images should capture YOU. If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show. This means wearing something that fits. Wear something that works for you unless you are being photographed in a specific uniform or costume.

2. Stick to solids. Sure, patterns and prints may look great and really express who you are, but they can also be distracting. Remember, the photo is about you, not the clothes you wear (unless it’s a fashion shoot, but that’s another story). Patterns can take attention away from your face

If you’re not sure which color works best for you, have your colors analyzed. In a bind, stick with colors that match your eyes. It’s usually best to avoid ultra-bright colors as they may be distracting. You may also want to create a color plan with your photographer. If he/she is using a white background, wearing all white will work against you.

3. Keep jewelry and accessories simple. Large jewels, watches, or other accessories can be far too distracting. Keep this element simple.

4. Dress the part for the photo you want. Bringing a couple of outfits
to create options is always a good idea, and it never hurts to dress up slightly more than you think you should. You’d better look nice if you’re going for professional head shots. If you’re getting senior portraits made, go for something that really shows off your personality. Think about the goal of the photo and then dress appropriately.

5. Avoid sudden changes in your look right before the photo shoot. It might make sense to have a hair trim, shave, etc., but stay away from big changes. If they cut off too much, the tanning bed turns your skin orange, or you’re not happy with the color, this unflattering look will be immortalized in your images.

6. Glasses can cause all kinds of reflections, so only wear them during your photo shoot if you typically wear them all of the time. If you have a pair of empty frames, bring them with you.

7. Get a good night’s sleep to avoid bags under your eyes, and feel free to talk to your photographer if you are self-conscious about any particular body parts, scars, lazy eyes, etc.

Always work with your photographer to ensure everyone is on the same page. The right outfit will emphasize your best features and keep the focus where it belongs. After all, this session is all about you!

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